We provide asset management and investment advisory services to institutional and professional investors as well as to funds and collective investment schemes. Our focus is spot gold trading.

Our solution is unique in five critical aspects for an investor:

1. Easy investment process and flexible capital withdrawal
2. Successful trading strategy with high performing track record
3. Secure (regulated) account/fund set-up with maximum security for the investor
4. Full transparency and reporting
5. DMA Investment Management is a regulated company with a transparent structure

DMA’s proprietary trading algorithm produces trading signals that are reviewed by our trading team and are executed based on a strict risk management policy. We have consistently performed at 3% to 5% per month on average by applying our day trading strategy. We produce consistent positive returns by closing many small trades in profit. This reduces volatility and risk and makes the overall investment predictable. We mostly trade 3-8 positions a day and most of them are closed at a win by the end of the day. We trade using proprietary trading signals that we have developed and fine-tuned in the past ten years. Our traders developed and optimized this technical approach over a period of more than ten years.