DMA Investment Management

DMA Investment Management Ltd. is an independent asset management company with its legal domicile in Zurich, Switzerland. It provides asset management and investment advisory services to institutional and professional investors as well as to funds and collective investment schemes.

Whilst many asset managers utilise individual style and experience, DMA Investment Management is focused on using data analysis, algorithmic trading and big data style approach to produce trading signals. This approach has been hugely successful for many trading firms and continues to be the foundation of our trading system.

Using decades of experience in supporting trading environments, funds and brokers, the founders of DMA Investment Management are consolidating the best practices of technical trading signals and are creating an investment solution that has the following key main principles:

• Consistent performance despite market events (trading strategy not correlated to traditional securities markets)
• Low risk strategies, considerably low leveraged
• Capital withdrawal possible with short term notice (no fixed-term commitment)

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